A Warm Welcome

.أهلا وسهلا

Ahlan Wa Sahlan.

That is the Arabic welcome greeting. Derived from an old Arab saying, it depicts our cultural penchant for showing hospitality to strangers.

In literal terms, it essentially means, “You are welcome, as family, to my personal space.”

This is a very warm welcome, indeed.

At the risk of you, thinking that I am utterly full of myself, I will be making a two part introduction. This post is the first and another one will be posted, hopefully, tomorrow.

For a small number of you, you would be all too familiar with my previous (now defunct) blog of the same title, hosted on a different platform. And, you may wonder why I am starting on a whole new adventure here, where I can quite simply pick up from where I last left off in the previous blog.

Well, for one, my last blog reflected a shallower, younger self. Although it was not my intention at all, it was being perceived as such by prospective employers (yikes!), then. I was mighty gutted that years of sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings, along with some personal highs and lows, were quickly dismissed as “shallow”. “Childish”, I can understand, as that space was started twelve (12!!!) years ago. Wow!


*pause for sudden realisation to sink in*


Oh well, water under the bridge now. This blog is a representation of the “adult” me. The one that may not be too concerned over the menial things. Hopefully.

Moving on to the second reason why I decided to pick up blogging, again. Well, for the simple reason that, I love writing. I love expressing myself through the use of words. I consider myself blessed that my current job allows me to write, for hours on end.

Setback to my job?

My writing veers towards a more corporate tone and, sometimes, when I do not realise it, it seeps into casual Whatsapp® conversations with my family and/or friends.

But, I still love my job. On most days. Except Mondays. Cliché. I know. Shut up.

Oh, word to the wise, expect me to digress off topic many times within a blog post. A million things run through my mind at any one time and I usually address them, before coming back to the right track (unless I forgot it! I apologise in advance).

So, the reason I picked up blogging again?

I would like to dedicate a small portion of my days to writing about the things that matter to me, to document my life at times, but most importantly, all I want is to pen a short story, or a poem, that may subconsciously mirror these thoughts in my head.

Whatever it is that I publish; I promise you that it will be one hell of an,




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