Catching Happiness! – Daily Post Challenge

Alright, Day 2 doing the Daily Post Challenge and I almost forgot about doing it! I have a sinking feeling that I might fail at this! =D

Today’s Daily Prompt is:

Happy Radars

Are you a good judge of other people’s happiness? Tell us about a time you were spot on despite external hints to the contrary (or, alternatively, about a time you were dead wrong).

I think I am absolutely awesome at judging other people’s happiness, or feelings in general.

Of course, I have been wrong on many occasions but for the most part, I have hit the mark.


I remember, this one time where I was freakily correct about judging a person’s feeling.

It was a couple of years ago, when I was relief teaching at a neighbourhood high school. There was this particular student, who rarely shows her feelings. In fact, my first impression of her was that she was a very reserved person who keeps mostly to herself, and boy, was I right.

One lazy afternoon, while the other students were all over the place, engrossed in one of the many group activities I usually plan for them, she remained in her seat, quietly staring out of the classroom.

Somehow, I had this tingling feeling that she was happy about something. It was the presence of this light in her eyes. I assumed that she was thinking about this one thing that was bringing her such joy. And, although her face was reflecting otherwise, I was sure something beautiful had recently happened to her.

While all the other students were caught up in finding their own friends to be in their group (hah! Little did they know that I would be scrambling their groups up!), I walked over to this one student and pulled up a seat next to her.

“Would you like to share with me your happiness?”, I urged her.

“Ms T! How did you figure, that I was happy about something!?”, came her surprised reply. I smiled, a half knowing and half mysterious smile, and said, “there was the most beautiful twinkle in your eyes as you looked out the window. And, it made me curious to what could possibly bring such delight from you!”

She flashed me a rare smile and whispered, “My grandmother can come home from the hospital today!”

Upon my urging, she went on to explain how her maternal grandmother, who stays with her family, has been in the hospital the past month.

At home, she shares a room with her grandmother, and as a result, is very attached to the latter. The month long hospital stay had made her miss her grandmother terribly.

An hour before my class started, her mother had texted her with the good news. Hence, the slight blissful dreaminess in her gaze.

Although, over the weeks, she quickly went back to being the reserved girl I always knew her as, she has started confiding in me, more and more, about things she previously would not have shared.

Nowadays, through a little harmless stalking of her Facebook page, I noticed that the quiet reserved girl that I once knew, has blossomed into a cheery passionate girl.


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