Fun Filled Friday

Well, yesterday was a very exciting end to the long work week. Met up with my two girlfriends of 17 years for a Murtabak feast. It was a long overdue meet up and the whole night felt like we never lost touch for a bit… Laughters were aplenty and it felt like we were giggling school girls again… So, we went all out with our feast… Ordered Briyani on top of the 2 large murtabak and 1 small one…


I like my dhal while they fancied their murtabak dipped in curry…


The delicious Murtabak that was quick to disappear…


The briyani rice was fragrant and the lamb was perfectly spiced, without being too overpowering.


Tried the Sardine Briyani and wasn’t a fan… Never liked Sardine if it wasn’t prepared by my mom or not in an epok-epok


Ordered a second round of Murtabak, but accidentally got lamb instead of beef… Not exactly happy about the mistake but oh wells… Waste not, want not… Next time I have murtabak, I’ll remember that I want Beef Murtabak only… Even though beef is not exactly my favourite meat, outside of steak…


Anyhoos,  we decided to take a walk along the streets around Sultan Masjid, and the sight of the mosque in the evening was truly a sight to behold… Majestic would be an understatement… We stood on Bussorah street just staring up at the mosque in awe, while we marveled at its simplistic, yet detailed, architecture…


We ended the night with a mandatory stop at the Sarbat stall for a cup of Teh Halia and Teh Tarik, to cap the night off… It was an awesome night of catch up and discovering the city we had severely taken for granted…


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