A Long Overdue Post… Updates, Updates, Updates…


I am really not being “on the ball” with this blogging thing huh…

So much for documenting my adventures… I guess I am starting to realise another reason why my first blog is now, defunct. Not just that I was afraid of prospective employers judging me through my juvenile postings, but also because I never found time to sit down and properly pen down posts.

Hahahahahaha… So I guess, let me just list the adventures I had since this blog started, and strike off the mad overdued posts as I blog about them. I might blog about them not in the order listed as some are more picture heavy and others are more words heavy  (if that makes any sort of sense)

Anyhoos so I owe you guys:

Adventure Posts –

Turkey Trip with my Girls

Milan Trip with my Girls

KL Trip with my main Beetch (We met the brothers for dinner, there, high flyers dinnering in KayElle and shit…)

Lombok Trip with la famiglia (Mine and the main beetch’s)

Nas’ Wedding (Don’t know if I would want to blog about this, but it was somewhat a fairly emotional day for me)

Annual Family Chalet that totally rocked our socks off!

Random Cousins gathering (Brunch after chalet and Fahmi’s Birthday, mostly)

Upcoming Traders Putri Harbour Stay (Mad excited for this! Even if le main beetch and I are going up with our annoying as brothers)

Creative Writing Posts –

A short I am currently working on from my Phone

A prose I am attempting about daily commute (I know right! How much more boring can I become!)


Wow!!! I have my work cut out for me.

Anybody out there knows how I can upload MULTIPLE images onto WordPress, at one time? As opposed to uploading one at a time?

Honestly, with my trigger happy fingers, I am always snapping away at the randomest shit but I hate that I have to upload it one at a time! And, I think I have typed “one”, “at”, and “time”, too often in the last two paragraphs!

Maybe I should not have jumped too eagerly on the WordPress bandwagon? Hehehehehehehe I remember blogger used to allow me to upload multiple pictures in one go, then all I had to do was wait for it to be embedded on the blogpost and then type out the contents.

I really don’t know. I wish I could just be writing here, all day err day but I obviously can’t. Actually, it is sort of therapeutic to be typing without a direction. It’s been awhile since I allowed myself to rant. Ahhhhhh I don’t know…

Anyhoos, do follow me on instagram @shahnazt if you would like to see my day to day adventures, live! 

Till then, it’s ADVENTURE TIME! =D


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