Getting Personal

My Name? 

At this moment, I will not be publishing my name. But, believe you me; it is far from being a secret. It is a matter of looking around the blog and you will find out my real full name. =) *hint: Twitter Widget*

The reason is simply, I would rather this blog remain unattached to my name when people Google it. =) Simple enough a reason?

I guess if you really need a name, you can call me Naz, or Anaz. Depending on what you are used to.

Reason for Blogging?

I love writing, evidently, and I would like a space where I can write about absolutely ANYTHING that tickles my fancy, without being judged. I may choose to write about my day to day life, thoughts or I might post a short story, or two. It would really depend on what my mood of the day (week?) is like.

Plus, I plan to document my adventures here. Be they near or on far away lands, you will have a chance to share in my adventures. =)

Am I concealing my identity?

Nope! Far from it!

I am all about sharing what I wrote and I would love to hear from family, friends and STRANGERS, who are passing by!

There may be posts where you will see my face (with family & friends) doing the things that I like.

You can read my First Ever Post or My Second Post, to learn more about me, or, alternatively, you can head on over to the Introduction tag to see more posts that reflect me. =)

Till then,

Enjoy sharing in my ADVENTURES!


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