Struggles of the Daily Peak Hour Commuter

It’s a long line, a wait that seemed never ending. Dare I say, there were over a hundred of these zombie-like beings, waiting eagerly, with sunken faces and clouded eyes. Everyone had somewhere to be, some place to rush off to for a long day and it was becoming a fairly excruciating wait.

I was one with these band of zombies. I, too, was mirroring their exact facial expressions. I, too, could use a little bit more light in my eyes. But it was not going to be easy.

How do you look for the optimism in the daily struggles of the average man?

How do you find it upon yourself to break into a smile, although subtle and more so of a hint than the actual smile, when you look around and see the faces of the disgruntled, peak hour, commuter?

Although I was pissed at the long line I was a part of, this early morning, I soon realised that everyone else would be just as pissed as I was, if not more. I consoled myself into thinking, these people probably had bigger struggles to deal with. I was blessed in the fact that the situation I am in, was a situation that I could avoid, should I really wish to.

I had a choice.

I feel that many of my fellow queue monsters, did not.

I could be wrong.

But that is the kind of thought process one would go through, as one waits eagerly for the highly anticipated ride to roll up.

And then, a low rumbling noise and the soft screech sound of the brakes, interrupted my idle thoughts, as our bus finally came up to the berth. Those of us who were far from the designated queue of the berth could only look in disappointment as the others began boarding the all too small, single carriage bus.


Could the transport providers not provide a bendy bus (double carriage) during this extremely busy period?

We watched as the line that was moving fast upon the arrival of the bus, began to move in the slowest of pace, signalling that many in the front of the line, had chosen to skip boarding this already full bus, for a guaranteed seating on the next.

While the rest of  us in the back, who had barely scrapped into the alumimium barriers that marked the line for the bus route, could only sigh and pray that the next bus the providers send out, was going to fit the rest of us.

It was 8:15am and I was going to be late.