So, as a way to procrastinate, while I’m supposed to create content for the company webpage, I decided to try my hand at a Disney Quiz that I saw someone do on Facebook.

The quiz was titled, “Do You REALLY Know All The Lyrics To A Whole New World?” And, I must admit, I quickly quipped a “Yes!” even before I opened the quiz.

Lo and behold,


For always claiming to be Princess Jasmine, I sure proved myself to them naysayers! Think you can get the same results? Head on over HERE! , to try your hand at it.

And then, I stumbled across another quiz after I completed this one.

This time, it was for, “Which Disney Song is Your Personal Anthem?


Obvi that I am a true Aladdin fan, isn’t it? Heh.

Alright then, too much procrastinating… It is inevitable that I have to go back to creating content for the homepage (as much as I wish I was not).

Till the next post!