Struggles of the Daily Peak Hour Commuter

It’s a long line, a wait that seemed never ending. Dare I say, there were over a hundred of these zombie-like beings, waiting eagerly, with sunken faces and clouded eyes. Everyone had somewhere to be, some place to rush off to for a long day and it was becoming a fairly excruciating wait.

I was one with these band of zombies. I, too, was mirroring their exact facial expressions. I, too, could use a little bit more light in my eyes. But it was not going to be easy.

How do you look for the optimism in the daily struggles of the average man?

How do you find it upon yourself to break into a smile, although subtle and more so of a hint than the actual smile, when you look around and see the faces of the disgruntled, peak hour, commuter?

Although I was pissed at the long line I was a part of, this early morning, I soon realised that everyone else would be just as pissed as I was, if not more. I consoled myself into thinking, these people probably had bigger struggles to deal with. I was blessed in the fact that the situation I am in, was a situation that I could avoid, should I really wish to.

I had a choice.

I feel that many of my fellow queue monsters, did not.

I could be wrong.

But that is the kind of thought process one would go through, as one waits eagerly for the highly anticipated ride to roll up.

And then, a low rumbling noise and the soft screech sound of the brakes, interrupted my idle thoughts, as our bus finally came up to the berth. Those of us who were far from the designated queue of the berth could only look in disappointment as the others began boarding the all too small, single carriage bus.


Could the transport providers not provide a bendy bus (double carriage) during this extremely busy period?

We watched as the line that was moving fast upon the arrival of the bus, began to move in the slowest of pace, signalling that many in the front of the line, had chosen to skip boarding this already full bus, for a guaranteed seating on the next.

While the rest of  us in the back, who had barely scrapped into the alumimium barriers that marked the line for the bus route, could only sigh and pray that the next bus the providers send out, was going to fit the rest of us.

It was 8:15am and I was going to be late.


A Long Overdue Post… Updates, Updates, Updates…


I am really not being “on the ball” with this blogging thing huh…

So much for documenting my adventures… I guess I am starting to realise another reason why my first blog is now, defunct. Not just that I was afraid of prospective employers judging me through my juvenile postings, but also because I never found time to sit down and properly pen down posts.

Hahahahahaha… So I guess, let me just list the adventures I had since this blog started, and strike off the mad overdued posts as I blog about them. I might blog about them not in the order listed as some are more picture heavy and others are more words heavy  (if that makes any sort of sense)

Anyhoos so I owe you guys:

Adventure Posts –

Turkey Trip with my Girls

Milan Trip with my Girls

KL Trip with my main Beetch (We met the brothers for dinner, there, high flyers dinnering in KayElle and shit…)

Lombok Trip with la famiglia (Mine and the main beetch’s)

Nas’ Wedding (Don’t know if I would want to blog about this, but it was somewhat a fairly emotional day for me)

Annual Family Chalet that totally rocked our socks off!

Random Cousins gathering (Brunch after chalet and Fahmi’s Birthday, mostly)

Upcoming Traders Putri Harbour Stay (Mad excited for this! Even if le main beetch and I are going up with our annoying as brothers)

Creative Writing Posts –

A short I am currently working on from my Phone

A prose I am attempting about daily commute (I know right! How much more boring can I become!)


Wow!!! I have my work cut out for me.

Anybody out there knows how I can upload MULTIPLE images onto WordPress, at one time? As opposed to uploading one at a time?

Honestly, with my trigger happy fingers, I am always snapping away at the randomest shit but I hate that I have to upload it one at a time! And, I think I have typed “one”, “at”, and “time”, too often in the last two paragraphs!

Maybe I should not have jumped too eagerly on the WordPress bandwagon? Hehehehehehehe I remember blogger used to allow me to upload multiple pictures in one go, then all I had to do was wait for it to be embedded on the blogpost and then type out the contents.

I really don’t know. I wish I could just be writing here, all day err day but I obviously can’t. Actually, it is sort of therapeutic to be typing without a direction. It’s been awhile since I allowed myself to rant. Ahhhhhh I don’t know…

Anyhoos, do follow me on instagram @shahnazt if you would like to see my day to day adventures, live! 

Till then, it’s ADVENTURE TIME! =D


Alright then,

So much for keeping up to date with the blog.

You know what I need?

I need a device or app or something that transforms my thoughts into a blog post. While I am in the middle of something exciting, I always have this blog “post” slowly constructing in my head.

It usually sounds like an exciting post and then when it is time I pen the thoughts down, it doesn’t sound as exciting as it should be. Bummer.

Yes, I should have a pen and paper with me at all times, BUT when I am living the moment, it seems a bit “bleargh” if I were to stop doing what I was doing, to pen down my thoughts. Plus, my memory is not as amazing as it should be. Argh!

9289067-brain-explosionSo, I was introduced to an app called It is amazing, most definitely. My gripe with it is that it is only available on mobile and I hate typing long texts on mobile. I love the clickey clackety sound my keyboard makes as words slowly form on my screen. Mobile just does not cut it for a writer, I suppose (pretentious, much?).


That, is also the problem I have with the WordPress app. I downloaded it with high hopes of constantly updating my blog, with the many adventures (big and small) that I have. But, again, the thought of penning down a post on mobile just turns me off.

I do not really have a laptop or PC at home. I am always either using my phone, my tablet or ipad, and in some more lazy situations, I am on my TV. Yeap, I surf the web, sometimes, with my TV. So, that is why it is harder to actually motivate me to write a blog post.

My laptop (Mr Ace R. Maze) died on me yonks ago and I haven’t really the time to send him off to be revived. He was my most trusted writing partner and I did not get to transfer most of my writing that are still left in him, only managed to transfer a few to the external hard drive. Which! Also, has been giving me problems of late. Damn technology, sometimes.

So, I actually need to move around my wish list a little bit. First off, get a damn PC or laptop (the TV was a buy that was meant to replace the need for a laptop/PC, which I did not think through, fully!). Wasn’t a cheap buy either! So a computer of sorts first (or fix Mr Ace R. Maze, whichever is friendlier on the wallet), then only can I think about getting my (D)SLR camera. Haizzzzzz… Been wanting an SLR for the longest time now, but I guess I have to prioritise my needs.

Well, look at me ranting. If I put in half this much effort to rant, you would think I could put in just as much (maybe a little more) to write a proper post. Especially since, I just came back on an adventure in Mystical Turkey (Türkiye) and a short little one in Fashionable Milan.


Istanbul, Turkey


Milan, Italy

Do not even get me started on my lazy-ness at completing the Daily Post Challenge. That was a short lived dream, to say the least (if you count 3 posts as something even remotely considered as reaching a goal).

Alright then, I think I better stop it here. But, I will stop with a promise that, the blog post on my first day in Turkey will be up soon-ish.

If I can get on my WordPress! It’s been so long that I can’t seem to remember my log in details! Oh, I type my posts first on Microsoft Word before publishing it on WordPress (irrelevant information, really!).

Okies, finally in! Looking forward to penning down my “First Day in Turkey” post!

Till then, Happy Adventuring! 

Getting my Inca, on! – Daily Post Challenge

I loved getting into today’s Daily Post Challenge!

So, the Daily Prompt for today is:

Ready, Set, Done

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

Time: 1727hrs

Well about ten minutes ago, my colleague handed me some Organic Dried Incan Berries.

I am more familiar with the other name it goes by, Gooseberries. We have the “fresh” ones sold, here, in our supermarkets, or sometimes, they are commonly seen, as cake toppers. Yeap! Used as cake decorating!


I must admit that they have a sort of other worldly looks to them. Eating them always starts off with, me imagining that I am eating some exotic berry, from a far far far away land. That thought will quickly float away, as the tangy sour taste, awakens your senses, and gets you into a shaking fit, as the taste hits you.

But, before I actually tasted these dried ones from my colleague, it was introduced to me as, Incan Berries.

Pile of Incan Berries(1)

With my fascination on all things ancient related, Mayan included, I reached out and took one of the raisins-like treat. I gingerly took a nibble, and what followed, can only be described as, out of this world “cracko-ness”.


/krak-oh- nəs/


Informal. unusual; crazy; bizarre;

Not only did I go into an uncontrollable shaking fit, my face scrunched up so badly, that I was almost afraid that it would freeze that way permanently!

But, I loved it! In fact, I am thinking about ordering more of these awesomeness! I read that it is an excellent source of Vitamin C, Anti-Oxidants and also demonstrated anti inflammatory, anti viral, anti histamine and all that other health things.

Any other, Inca Berries (READ: Gooseberries) enthusiasts out there? What do you use them for?

Time: 1737hrs

Absolute Beauty- Daily Post Challenge

I thought I should try to challenge my writing. Veer away from topics I choose myself, and so, I have decided to take the Daily Prompt challenge.

Today’s Question is:

Absolute Beauty

We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree? is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view?


Yes, beauty, indeed, is in the eye of the beholder, but the term “beauty” may mean differently for different people.

I am reminded of a quote from Khalil Gibran- Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

To some, beauty in a person is, when they are able to engage in conversation with ease. A well read person is easily admired, pending that they do not end up being a pompous know-it-all.

For others, beauty may lie in the glistening rays of the sun reflecting on the clear blue surface of a calm river, bordered by majestic mountains.

Beauty may also lie in a persons mannerisms while he interacts with others. When a person has a helping hand readily available and are willing to go out of their way to help out a person, strangers or not, in times of need. Nothing says “GORGEOUS” like a man being polite and nice to the waiter, am I right?

At the end of the day, and I am sure many might agree, if you have a beautiful face, a banging body, long silky hair, but a down right ugly personality, then the latter cancels out everything else.

Outer beauty can only take you so far before your inner beauty shines through.

So, what is Absolute Beauty, for me?

It is when, a person who listens when the other party speaks, be able to carry on a conversation when the other is stumped, all that while having dreamy eyes that you can easily drown in.