Little Women, Big Dreams…


I was trawling the articles on Buzzfeed and I came across another of their quiz that piqued my interest.

This one was about which Female Literary Figure I am. And, being the literary junkie I was, I jumped right in to do the quiz.

The result was:


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I could not have been happier.

Firstly, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is my absolute favourite book (and, the movie was good too!) and secondly, Josephine March has always been the March sister that I could relate to, the most.

I cannot even begin to recall how many afternoons, I have spent snuggled in bed, and reading the book. Revelling in the adventures of the sisters, and their neighbour, Laurie.

I loved it so much that I would share my love for the book to anyone and everyone that would listen. So much so that, for my 25th birthday, Adnin, a dear friend in New Zealand who is also a book lover, got me an early edition copy of the book (brown pages, and worn out covers… Need to check which edition it was but it looks like it may have been the 1st Edition!).

My love for the book was also recently ignited again, when I discovered an amazeballs online shop that caters to all book geeks. Out of Print carries a range of clothing & accessories that cater to the truly discerning book geek in all of us. I have already gotten quite a number of stuff from them but aside from my “The Great Gatsby” tote bag and pouch (which I love to death!), I also got a “Little Women” pouch from them too. For those nights when I do not feel like carrying a big bag around and/or if I am driving hence there would not be a need to have a bag on me.
recc-1003-2_2The “Little Women” pouches are sold out, last I checked. But, they do carry heaps of other book covers turned to compact pouches (or you could get a “Little Women” jersey). You may find something that appeals to your personal choice in the form of a Pouch. Have a look around, maybe you will find something unique that also triggers memories from a simpler time?

As always, I tend to digress. But that is what happens when I start talking about something and an opportunity to talk about shopping comes up.

Anyhoos, I must say, the description from the quiz result was en pointe. I guess, I am usually thought of as, “the leader of the group who always comes up with the best ideas for things to do.” Although, “best ideas” can at times be in the form of stupid ideas that end up being just that- stupid. But, they do make for great memories, down the road. Amirait?

And, another point worth mentioning, I am definitely someone who is “extremely passionate about the things you love and sharing that with others who don’t agree can get you riled up.” I am pretty sure, the people around me can vouch for this too. Hahahahahahahaha it really is uncanny how a few answers on a random quiz, could accurately define me. But then again, these are the same points as that of a Leo. And, although I am not a believer in the signs of the stars, I can’t deny that I fit the characteristics of a Leo to a tee.

So, if you would like to try the quiz out for yourself, head on over to and let me know in the comments, who you got!

(I was banking on getting Matilda from the Roald Dahl book of the same name, but I am not too much of a dreamer or a person that likes to be by myself, I suppose)